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Our Promise

We are a couple who started on bricks in our hut on the beach in Bali, we both come from backgrounds where we respect and live at one with mother nature. 

Our envelopes are recycled materials, as are our boxes, which are lined in cotton. We do still use bubble wrap which we are working on replacing but at this point it does best to keep the jewelry safe, so please reuse it. 

Our stones are ethically source by my husband and I only, we never outsource meaning we have control over every aspect of our family business. 

We have two choices of 999 silver which we buy in bulk, we opt for the official and more expensive type so we have documentation of it's quality. We never use Nickel as it is allergenic and although 92.5% Sterling Silver has to be mixed with an alloy to add strength, we choose Copper, the higher priced but better quality alternative to Nickel. 

Alit Agung and I cannot possibly complete all of our orders ourselves so we do have artisans working along side us. We share our house and studio with these family members and we work as a close knit team. Ethical standards are far below what we and our guys have and expect. 

We sponsor local Banjars, or village groups within Bali as well as foster and adopt as well as street save both dogs and cats. We are presently at 79 completed rescues and 10 dogs living with us, 2 cats, 2 ducks.

We believe that bees are important and have our own bee hive which we sometimes take minimal amounts of honey from but mostly enjoy their company.