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Boho Cowrie Shell Necklace

$82.00 USD

Cowrie Shell Jewelry, Silver Necklace, Boho Necklace, Cowrie Shell Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver, Simple Necklace, Trendy Necklace, Hand Made

Polias is a sterling silver necklace for Women. This genuine Cowrie Shell Boho Necklace is stamped 925 Sterling Silver and has a strong lobster clasp and granulated detailing. Made to last a lifetime and for daily wear as a beautiful piece to add to your bohemian jewelry collection. "21 925 sterling silver chain and approximately 2.5 cm pendant, they are all natural hard cowrie shells so they will vary in size slightly.

Starting over three thousand years ago, cowry shells, or copies of the shells, were used as Chinese currency because they are very strong and beautiful.

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