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Boho Rings, Rainbow Moonstone, Moon Phases, Infinity Style, Oxidized, Vintage, Wide Band, Crescent Moon, Personalised, Granulated, Round

$62.00 USD

Teardrop Ring, Moonstone Ring, Stacking Rings, Chainring, Chevron Ring, Boho Ring, Bohemian, 925 Silver Ring, Trendy Ring, Silver Rings

Celeste ring is natural rainbow moonstone magic in solid 925 Sterling Silver with no Nickel handcrafted in my home studio. This gorgeous statement solid 925 Sterling Silver natural rainbow moonstone ring will leave you starry eyed and as it is made with love and quality will last a long time and keep it's shine on your finger!

Detailed with hand cut designs bordering it in a moon phase pattern.

For gift set:

Always Gift Wrapped, handcrafted box with logo & handmade jewelry box!

⊕ All Katrina Logan Jewelry orders come ★gift wrapped★ in a reusable jewelry box.

☮ Peace and Love ☮

All original designs © Katrina Logan Jewelry Design and Cast Away Handcarved


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