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Boho Slim Band Stack Ring Set in 925 Sterling Silver, Crown Rings for Women, Simple Bohemian Jewelry Handmade Gypsy Jewellery, Delicate Ring

$58.00 USD

A slim stack beauty in solid 925 Sterling Silver. Well made and created in my home studio with love this granulated balls patterned double band stacking ring is perfect on it's own or to pair with other rings.

We have another version which includes a third oval Turquoise ring which can be worn in the middle however I've listing this with the two rings on it's own because I like the simplicity and beauty of just the two.

These are super slim bands, they are slightly tall so they maintain their strength and don't lose shape when worn.

All of our jewelry is solid 925 Sterling Silver and Nickel free meaning you can shine it up and keep it forever, even after being worn in water many times.

Each of our orders is gift wrapped in a recycled reusable jewelry box lined in cotton. We do our best to keep it eco friendly throughout our processes.

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