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Feather Ring, Tribal, Aztec Pattern, Crescent Moon, Boho, Gypsy, Mystical, Alchemy, Stylish, Silver, 925 Sterling, Sterling Jewelry

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Feather Ring, Tribal Ring, Aztec Ring, Crescent Moon Ring, Boho Rings, Gypsy Ring, Mystical Ring, Alchemy Ring, Stylish Ring, Silver Rings

A tangible marriage of freedom and magic hand carved into solid 925 Sterling Silver (Nickel Free) I was inspired by all that it the unknown and beauty in the Universe. A feather to represent freedom in aztec patterns to represent the roots and crowned on either side with crescent moons to represent the universe. This ring is only 4.5 mm wide (approximate because it varies along the feather and band). It's casual enough for everyday wear and intricate enough to be unique. Another original by Don Biu.

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