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Kyanite Jewelry, Boho Cuff, Moonstone Bracelet, Uniquely Handmade, Granulated, Adjustable, 925 Silver, Sterling, Simple, Oval Gemstone, Blue

$155.00 USD

Kyanite Bracelet, Kyanite Cuff, Moonstone Cuff, 925 Sterling Cuff, Silver Bracelet, Boho Cuff, Boho Jewelry, Trendy Cuff, Gypsy Cuff

Solid 925 Sterling Silver, Kyanite and rainbow moonstone adjustable bangle/bracelet/cuff. It is beautifully handmade with the combination of raw polished natural Kyanite crystal and two genuine rainbow moonstones.

Famous for it's healing properties, Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral, often occurring as long, striated bladed crystals that may be transparent or translucent with a pearly sheen.


For the playful and wanderlust bohemian girl.

This Boho piece gives the bohemian look a whimsical edge.

How big is it?

⊕ Approx 3 cm long Kyanite Gemstone
⊕ Approx 1 cm wide Kyanite Gemstone
⊕ Approx 5 mm long Moonstone Gemstone

What is it made out of?

⊕ Order is for one bangle
⊕ Solid 925 Sterling silver & three gemstones

⊕ All Don Biu orders come ★gift wrapped★ in a reusable jewelry box.

☮ Peace and Love ☮

▲DON ⊕ BIU ▲


ॐ Custom creations ॐ

For additional initials or crystals please convo me and I can create a custom listing.


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