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Locket Necklace, Acorn Necklace, Necklaces for Women, Charm Necklace, Birthday Gift, Handmade Necklace, Sterling Silver Necklace, Boho

$78.00 USD

Beautiful Acorn Locket Necklace in solid 925 Sterling Silver and Sono Wood. This nature necklace holds a secret, it is also a working locket and so you can hide a special something inside of it!

She has a beautiful chain I selected with rounded links (also solid 925 Sterling Silver) to match the design of the hand carved acorn top on the necklace.

She is finished off with a strong lobster clasp and three extra hoops to make it adjustable by a cm in length. If you would like any customisations just let me know and you can request to have your initials engraved inside the lid for no extra charge.

This is an original design and I was inspired by a fantasy novel where they would trade messages secretly within a beautiful timeless and working acorn locket necklace. I have brought it to life and I hope you will love it for it's unique and magical beauty and uses as well!

Your loyal Silversmith and Designer,

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