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Scarab Bracelet, Boho Jewelry, Scarab Jewelry, Egyptian Style Jewelry, Scarab Beetle, Sterling Silver Cuff, Boho Cuff, Bohemian, Gypsy Cuff

$355.00 USD

Two artisans, over twenty five years of combined experience working for eight hours straight, together detailing the ultimate solid 925 Sterling Silver Cuff. My dream is not to mass produce, my dream is to have people generations in the future talking about Don Biu, to exceed expectations in our art. We will keep reaching for the most beautifully detailed art pieces with the most daring and unique majestic original designs. I want to be featured in an art gallery someday, I want people to trade Don Biu jewelry the way they would a painting and I know it may happen when I am no longer here but it is still something I strive for with everything in my being.

This cuff features a grade AAA genuine rainbow moonstone, clear with a bright flash of blue. It is thick sterling which will not dent easily nor bend out of shape.

Based on the Egyptian Sun God this cuff has been smudged with incense, meditated over by the creators and splashed with flower infused holy water from the 1000 year old temple Besakih on the near summit of the active volcano Agung. Care should be taken in wearing and handling it as it is infused with positive energy and will bring so to the wearer however if the energy changes it should not be worn until it sits for a full hour in direct sunlight, is smudged with incense or sits in full moonlight.

This cuff is more than just jewelry it has a soul.

⊕ All Don Biu orders come ★gift wrapped★ in a reusable jewelry box.

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