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Stunning Rose Quartz Ring, Emerald Vintage Ring, Dainty Jewelry, Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, Personalised 925 Sterling Silver

$189.00 USD

A handmade heirloom with cushion cut Rose Quartz and genuine Emeralds this solid 925 Sterling Silver promise/engagement/wedding ring for someone you love which can include yourself is simple, unique made by me one by one with love. Nickel free with hand hammered band the identity of this ring is both vintage and timeless with a beautiful bling factor understated yet eye catching. I am so pleased with how this art-piece worked out and hope you will be too.

So I actually sleep with a big Rose Quartz ball beside my bed... here is one you can carry around with you that's a little less obvious and even more breathtaking! Sides are Emerald balance the calming effects.

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