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Teardrop Green Amethyst Ring

$68.00 USD

This gorgeous filigree ring, featuring two rare genuine Green Amethysts, is hand carved in Solid 925 Sterling Silver (Nickel Free). Great for everyday wear or special occasions this celestial statement ring is magical and will last as an heirloom for generations to come

Using green amethyst can bring prosperity to your life. They are known as the stones of good fortune and luck. Fingers Crossed! ))

Wax Carving by hand I create these original designs which we then hand cast in solid 925 Sterling Silver to create what is available to you. Each made with time and love the 925 is composed of 999 Silver and uses an alloy of Copper considered above Nickel as Copper is hypoallergenic. I started carving wax because as a silversmith I was constantly around a flame and after having my daughter she doesn’t like to be away from me therefore the lengthy time of carving wax is much better me for expressing my artistic ability.

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