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Turquoise Hoop Earrings Set, Boho Amethyst Stars, Celestial Studs, 925 Sterling Silver, Statement Large Oval Jewelry, Simple Stud Gemstone

$78.00 USD

Yay I invented wonderful boho hoops that can be worn two ways! You can just wear the plain Turquoise studs all day everyday because they are 925 Sterling Silver and safe for newly pierced ears. Evening event? Simply slip on the hoops for statement stars & celestial stunning hoop earrings. These are just under 2 inches in diameter meaning they are big statement but not super huge, making them comfortable and the details still noticeable. Rimmed in Amethyst that glows purple and hand cut added stars they are unique and magical! I hope you love them as much as I do because I'm very proud of myself for this new creation!

Each comes wrapped in an artist collab jewelry box of eco friendly materials perfect for giving and without any plastic foamy stuff inside because we use cotton inside instead :)

Handmade in my home studio with love.

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