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Carved Superstition
Carved Superstition
Carved Superstition
Carved Superstition
Carved Superstition

Carved Superstition

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This ring is beautiful carved, solid sterling silver built up at the front to hold deeper carving. The stone was lovingly chosen by my husband for it's lustre. I am in love with this ring. I

Our 99.9 silver is imported from a laboratory to be sure it is "clean". We then press it and mix it at a workshop (we hope to buy the laboratory tools for our own someday but they are very expensive). Your ring has to be a thicker silver in order to support the deep incisions of the knife.

Our usual silver is then plated (rolled through these machines that look like a pasta maker) but this style can't be because it has to hold shape so instead it goes into a kind of boiling pot separately.

The ring is now hammered into shape while being careful to keep the thickness. After the shape is correct we start carving, it is very difficult to do as each knife cut has to be exact, there is no room for error. On our other rings, we build up and melt silver onto the plates so any mistakes can be redone correctly. Because the silver casing has to be deep in order to hold the stone instead of a casing placed on top we must be very delicate so as not to break the gemstone. Once it is in we carefully bend the remaining silver onto it to hold it in place.

We polish pack and it is good to go! We have considered stopping producing these kind of carved items as they are just so time consuming but we also want to preserve the ancient traditional art native to Bali that we follow in order to create them :)

How big is it?

Approx 7 mm wide rainbow moonstone
Approx 13 mm wide band at the front widest point

What is it made of?

Rainbow Moonstone
All Don Biu orders come gift wrapped in a reusable gift box.

Peace and Love

Custom creations

For additional initials or crystals please convo me and I can create a custom listing.

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