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Minoan Ring Mandala Ring, Solid Sterling Silver Ring, Boho Ring, Boho Jewelry, Boho Art, Gypsy Ring, Signet Ring, Mandala Ring, Don Biu

$61.00 USD

Ariana a Minoan inspired artpiece I started by drawing symbolism from the ancient people, famed for their art. This ancient civilization were in awe of logical order in the natural world. Their main diet was cheese and grapes which intrigued me as it is unique and the more I learned about them the more I loved learning about these Island dwellers.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver, this ring has been oxidized to bring out the patterns and give it an antique look, if you would like it plain polished please write it in the buyer's notes.

For the playful and wanderlust bohemian girl.

This Boho piece gives the bohemian look a whimsical edge.


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